Then There Were Four

Saturday I watched an 18-month-old part of the day (before lunch to a little after nap).

We put him in an extra booster seat and had four kids around the table for lunch. I pointed out to Jay that (mathematically) our family could’ve looked like this.

Aiden’s a little blondie and except that his blue eyes are darker than our kids’ he looks like he fits right in. Melody adores him. I think it’s a relief almost for her to have someone younger to play with because she doesn’t have to work (?) so hard to interact.

For the first half-hour him was here (I was making lunch) the girls would run up to me and shout, “He said, ‘Dah dot.’!” “He said, ‘Ruthara.’!” and every other variation of noise he made.

I really don’t know why it excited them so much. I finally told them that, being in the same room, I heard every noise he made before they ran to me, so just hang-out and play.

Oh, and he’s an amazing napper. I was worried with this being his first time that he wouldn’t be able to sleep, but he sacked first out of all four kids and was the second to get up.

Elisha needs to take lessons.