Flooring, Day Two

We have come to the end of our second day on the flooring project and the girls (I too, to a lesser extent) already have cabin fever.

I never realized how much more exercise (or at least movement) was available in a house this size, and suddenly being constrained to the least open areas has been a challenge. With all the great masses of stuff from the front rooms now redistributed through the house and garage, there is even less room than usual in what’s left to play in.

The girl’s room, for example, has about three square feet not covered with furniture and sundries.

Jay is getting plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, and doesn’t seem to quite understand the mental state of the rest of us, but fortunately he is very accommodating by nature and we’ve found reasons the last couple days to get out in the evenings.

It pulls Jay away from time he could spend on the project, but since they are also things he wants to do (we looked into getting a new range tonight) it’s still been enjoyable.

Or current range, on a side note, is very basic, with only one large coil, no window in the door, and (this is the biggie to me) no time-bake. The one we’d get (we haven’t quite decided to go for it) doesn’t have these faults and in addition to other virtues has no exposed coil in the oven. To me this was one of the coolest things.

Jay’s said having the appliances out of the kitchen is a nice excuse to look at new ones– but we’re only seriously thinking about the range right now.
The kids and I will try to go visiting tomorrow.

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