Baby Book

I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I did an update on Elisha’s growth.

He’s mobile now, though only in reverse, so Jay and I are again being reminded how much we need to keep the floor clean and clear. We’ve had a few gagging episodes even after we cleaned up, and have found bits of paper his sisters have “shared” or just left lying in reach.

A couple of days ago he started “rocking” on his hands and knees, but it hasn’t resulted in forward motion yet.

The short blue laundry basket has become his playpen. It’s perfect, since he’s still learning to hold himself upright, and if he tips over he doesn’t have far to fall and ends up leaning on an edge.

He is an incredibly cheerful baby and his sisters just have a ball with him. They surprised me yesterday by asking to hold him, like the did when he was new. They talk with him all the time and like to pick up the toys he drops. Nice for me.

He has a fairly regular morning nap and (except for yesterday) has been sleeping during Sunday school for weeks. It’s been a nice combination: a ladies’ class and an empty lap so I can participate easily.

Sometimes he falls asleep in my arms (nursing doesn’t always put him to sleep, rocking/holding sometimes does), and these days he is just the perfect size for two-arm snuggling. I really need to remember to get a picture of it, but it is so sweet and comfortable right now. Such a nice size.