Vacation (at home) begins

I did a couple silly things this morning:

  • Meaning to press the ice lever for a cube in my hand (I usually put ice in Melody’s porridge so she doesn’t have to wait as long to eat it) I pressed the water lever instead

After cleaning that up (as I told Jay what happened)

  • I pressed the ice lever—forgetting the icemaker was still in the sink from thawing during our trip last week.

Jay laughed. “I did that during our first day home,” he said. “I wasn’t going to say anything.” I chased him with the ladle a few laps around the island.

“Put something else cold in it,” he said after I started ladling stuff into Melody’s bowl.

“Like what—Peas?” Jay went off to clean in another room (we’re working on our backlog of cleaning during Jay’s time-off), and I remembered the bag of frozen strawberries in the big freezer.

Jay returned as I was adding one to Melody’s cereal.

“Look at this and tell me I’m brilliant,” I said.
“Oh I’ve never doubted you were brilliant,” he said easily. “Only your higher math and organizational skills.” I had to laugh.

A little bit later he came back into the room and said, “Now me, I’ve got the higher math skills, but I’m just as ‘Organizationally challenged.’”


We have to grocery shop and blitz the front part of the house today (we’ve invited a few unmarried soldiers out of the barracks to dinner tonight), but later we hope to work at the deep-cleaning stuff (and the kids’ sleep schedules) during this time Jay has off. A whole month. What a blessing. Jay has been reading a novel off and on throughout the day. I can’t remember the last time I saw him reading before bedtime.

Neither of us feels like we’re getting a great deal done, but we are finishing some things, and getting some much-needed down-time. Not much more exercise or rest yet, but it’s still very nice having the family together.

One thought on “Vacation (at home) begins

  1. I don’t know if that sort of vacation would work for us! : ) Matthew had a hard enough time sitting still during the sort-of-off time he had the two weeks after K was born. He’s always working on a million jobs and projects…If he had a month off “work,” I think he’d pretty quickly fill it with people, events, and side jobs!

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