Cleaning Service

I am a little disappointed.

Jay and I talked and had managed to get over the “weirdness” of paying someone to help with the house (with me being home full-time), and then we find that what we want/need, a cleaning service doesn’t do.

How weird is that?

It’s like this:
Jay is thinking about getting a snowmachine, which I don’t particularly mind, except it represents a monetary outlay that nothing I desire can match. What I want to do are mainly time-intensive (writing, reading, music lessons, etc.) and More Money won’t give me more of that.

Then mom pointed out having someone else clean would give me more time.

Getting past the weirdness of having someone else clean my home, I called, only to make the connection (“we clean every surface you require”) that what I really want, they don’t do.

Let me tell you, when I get my living room floor clean, it get’s vacuumed. That’s the only way it gets vacuumed, and it’s only an extra five minutes on top of the *real* work of clearing it all (folding gobs of laundry, for example). I’m not paying for somebody to come do that.