First Wedding

Our family went to a wedding tonight, and on the way home we had a genuine (as in, exchanging ideas not just continually repeating the known) conversation with Natasha.

She talked about how pretty the bride’s dress was, and how the bridesmaid dresses were “just a little bit pretty.”

And at least twice (maybe three times) she used the phrase, “When I get married…”

She says when she gets married she wants a pretty dress with flowers on it (like Heidi’s), and she wants little flowers to hold– and some big ones. The bride tonight had big ones (lilies). You get to hold flowers when you get married…

It was such fun to talk about something. Many times one of the girls will want to talk, and what is most likely to make me impatient is their not having anything to say.
Melody has started repeating the first half of a line, almost like stuttering, while (I assume) she’s figuring out how/what she wants to say, and both girls will ask the same question over and over (I don’t mind loads of questions, it’s the broken record bit that get to me), just to have something to talk about.

I know this is the reason, because if I can find something “real” to get them started on instead they’ll chatter on with both of us being much happier.


Every time Natasha would say, “When I get married…” Jay would squeeze my hand and just scrunch up his face and grin at me. She sounded so matter-of-fact and grown up.

“I just can’t imagine a little boy doing that,” is what he finally said (in a low voice). “Wow. Girls and their dreams. It all starts so early. I had no idea.”