Fish tank

We moved the fish tank from the yellow room into the master bedroom Thursday night.
Jay (accurately) saw it as a reasonable way to prevent me from getting a little tank for my desk.

He cleared my dresser after dinner, took out more than half the water in the tank and said he was ready for my help.
I knew before we started that there was nothing in that room I was going to be able to do to help. He made like he was going to try and carry the thing himself (which was a little frightening. Honestly. That thing was *heavy*).

I begged him to give me a chance to go ask a neighbor for help, and was surprised/thankful when he didn’t object.

Three doors (and a discussion of knocking etiquette with Natasha) later, Jim, from sideways across the street, grabbed his hat and came over to our house to help Jay get it across the hall.

On Friday morning the kids and I picked out a frisky catfish-like thing, and an small school of neons.

The tank has definitely livened up (the shark doesn’t continually hide out in his rocks anymore), but we have only one neon left. We didn’t even find any bodies. If they’re dying of “natural” causes, the Pleco is finishing them off before the autopsy’s back.

Too bad, really. They were really fun to watch schooling on the first day. *sigh*.

Jay says we’ll give it a week, and then we can see about getting a little more color.