Over-all update

Let’s see, Natasha has used the potty un-prompted for 4 or 5 days now. She’s eagerly awaiting the time Grandma Florie will take her shopping for big-girl panties. We still have to figure out how many “perfect” days must precede this event. Melody currently has no interest in starting herself. I’m okay with that. Except when she whines about not getting the (reward) candy. All she’d have to do is sit on the potty, but she *Don’t want to!*

Elisha had his 4-month check-up and shots yesterday. Has been sleeping (and crying) hard since then. Alternately.

He’s a thumb-sucker now; has been for a long time. He’s actually not much of a crier; very content little boy, mostly self-soothing. He loves face-to-face interaction and tries to talk all the time. (Someone told me that 4-months is when deaf families start seeing real signs from their babies, and it totally makes sense.) The girls adore him. Still too rough sometimes (at least a couple times a day), but the vast majority of their interactions are very sweet and enjoyed by all parties.
Jay wants to try again with signing when Elisha’s a bit older (NJ took to it, Melody didn’t). We’re thinking he might do it too, partly because we think the girls will enjoy teaching him with us.

Melody is still has the widest extremes (so many tragedies for such a young life…) but she is getting good at regaining self-control. (Prompted) she takes a few deep breaths and wipe her eyes, settling down (most of the time) enough to be understood. I’m so proud of her. She works very hard to settle herself.
Elisha sleeps like a dream now. 10-12 solid hours each night, and at least two good naps during the day. Definitely sleeps more than he’s awake.

(If you go visit the Who Are We? page you’ll see some fun tickers displaying the *exact* ages of each of the children.)