Getting organized

I just wrote a very informative e-mail to my sister (her b-day was on the 5th), and decided to add it here, because I’m so excited about it all…
I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I think my house might actually be organized (as in, have a home for everything– at least for the girls) by the end of the week. To borrow Gma’s phrase, I can’t hardly stand it. It’s amazing. Every wall in the yellow room is coated with dressers and other furnature and storage units of varying types (If I had a habit of illustrating my blog posts I would include a pix of it.) I seriously could not buy one of those corner toy-keeper nets to help with storage b/c we do not have a single open corner in this house. That was an odd revelation…

We reassembled the crib and I began my digging away at the yellow room to get it against the far wall. It’s a floppy thing I only bought for the looks (I like light wood.) It replaced NJ’s dark crib when it was Melody’s, and has to be a against a wall to keep it from creaking w/ movement. It’s not in danger of collapsing or anything, just loud.

We moved Elisha’s Rubbermade into the crib last night to get him used to the new room, and in a couple more days I’ll make up the crib and we’ll pack away the Rubbermade. Feels *totally* different to have him out of the room.

I bought new fitted sheets today (that I was able to force the girls’ mattresses into), and now that we should be able to keep the beds from falling apart on a daily basis, I’m going to add bed-making (and putting away of pajamas) to the morning routine. My theory is that if we can hold the beds in order that’s half the room right there. Add the books to that and we’re soaring.

Part of the deal was, I think, finally finding a way to categorize their stuff, so I had an orderly way of putting it away. Now that it looks like we’ve got that I think corralling their stuff will be much easier. We’ll be down just to figuring out Jay’s and my stuff.

2 thoughts on “Getting organized

  1. Teena says:

    Amy, this sounds great! I know having a place to put everything is an important consideration in keeping things put away on a daily basis. Teaching the girls to keep their own things put away will be a BIG help to you around the house. Am I right in remembering the “Yellow Room” is the first room on the right down the hall? Even the girls dressers are in there?

  2. Amy says:

    Yup. And before Elisha moved in there it was super-convenient, b/c I could put away clothes during nap-time.

    I can still do stuff while he’s resting, but I don’t know for how much longer.

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