She’s started running!

I never thought I’d be this excited about a toddler running. I guess I always thought they went together.

But for the longest time Natasha’s been a runner and Melody has… enjoyed the scenery. It was the most frustrating thing to try and walk alone with both of them. NJ ready to take off and run until the end of the world, and Melody m…e…a…n…d…e…r…i…n…g along.

If I asked her to run, she’d move her feet more quickly for a little bit, picking up her knees higher, but really not moving any faster.

Then on Sunday she just started to take off. We walked part of the way to Gma Florie’s house in the evening, and both girls ran for more than a block (that’s a long way for a body their size). Then they both ran all over the lawn while playing. And every day since then it has taken very little motivation to get and keep Melody moving.

She’s even starting to get a little “air” when she jumps, and that’s another first. I wonder if she just grew into “coordinated” all of a sudden and that’s why she can move in these new ways.

2 thoughts on “She’s started running!

  1. I was talking to my mom on the phone last night, and she said your mom is actually living in your grandmother’s house right now. Is that right?

  2. Just curious, since you mentioned Grandma Florie’s house.

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