We’ve found perfection– until we make it better

Do you like Wendy’s Frosties?

What about them do you like? The cold? The texture? The chocolate? (Grandma asked more than once if we could “talk to Dave” about making a vanilla Frosty. She didn’t like the chocolate so much).

But if you like choc, and have an ice cream maker, try out this recipe:

2 1/2 cups milk,
1 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/2 cup sugar

Mix and dump into your maker of choice (ours is the kind with tumblers you put in the freezer, and only hold about a quart. We used to have the gallon-size kind you use with ice and rock salt, but we wore out two of those in, hmmm… 1, 1½ years. Seems they weren’t actually made for regular use).

Let it run until the ice cream is firm, and then just eat it (as opposed to letting it “ripen” in the freezer). Wonderful smooth texture, minimal work and wait and still no guilt about potentially poisoning your guests/friends/loved-ones.

Cook books emphasize the importance of cooking the eggs into a custard before using them in ice cream. This effectively doubles the prep time. No such thing as spontaneous ice cream there. And more dishes to wash. And I still have never managed a custard w/o scrambling the eggs.

This is much better.

I’m still playing with the ratios and whether or not to include vanilla, but I am eating this one right now and it is veeeeery good.

One thought on “We’ve found perfection– until we make it better

  1. I just drove by a Wendy’s a few days ago, and the sign announced that they now have vanilla frosties! Interesting. I have yet to try one.

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