Home Sunday Morning

The girls had a very busy weekend. We’re still recovering.

There was a conference at Door of Hope this weekend (“Childcare provided”), and I went Friday night to check it out. The girls had such a good time in the “kid room” that we came back Saturday morning so they could play again. Then Mom and Dad took them back in the evening when I was too tired to go.

Elisha comes too, of course, and I ended up walking him most of both services. At least four hours of non-aerobic walking. I wasn’t looking forward to two more hours of that.

Then (that was Saturday) nobody slept well. I wasn’t in my bed for more than an hour at a time; half-an-hour the first half of the night. It was rough and nobody was rested in the morning. Melody was coughing and Natasha had a runny nose (she told me later she had a “pinch” in her throat earlier).

So Jay was the only one who went to church; he records the sermons and teaches Sunday school every week.