Life, lately

Hmmm, it’s been a while since I posted… I wonder why…

Life marches on here. Jay’s back at work 1/2-time now, going in after lunch. It’s wonderful really, b/c that gives me naptime to write/work and only a few hours alone with all three kids. Yesterday was my first day like that, and it went pretty smoothly. I did call and ask Jay to come home early though, b/c some friends were coming to eat with us (bringing dinner) and the house needed work.

Today Jay was late leaving for work b/c all three were melting down, and he stayed (holding Elisha) until I got the girls in bed and could relieve him.

Natasha seems to be hitting the new-baby wall just now (Melody’s been climbing it for a couple weeks). At least, that kinda what I’m attributing her melt-down today to.

Everybody’s been sick. Except me. Amazing trend. That episode while I was pregnant was the first time in forever I’ve been sick, but the rest of my family seems to cycle through everything. I don’t get it. (Well, I’m glad I don’t get sick, what I don’t get is the pattern).

Jay’s being slammed by spring allergies again (trying out various medicines of differing potencies), Natasha’s been having coughing fits at night, and Melody’s nose has been runny for almost two weeks. She’s really good-natured about getting it wiped though, and I’m so glad for that. And then Elisha– it looks like he does have thrush, so we’ll need to pick-up his prescription later today. I’m trying to decide if I’m brave enough to try and do it with all three kids before Jay comes home.

I have a couple random errands to run, and might just do it…

Anyway, the funny (weird) thing is that the Dr. didn’t seem to think the thrush was affecting Elisha’s nursing (he seems to be gaining appropriately–she said to stop in on Fri to double check his weight-gain). She just thinks he’s a way-efficient nurser, and doesn’t need more than he’s getting in a sitting. That would mean he’s even faster than Natasha was, because half his feedings are only five-minutes…

Go figure.

I have a friend whose son goes 45-min at a time. I could not imagine that. Melody used to go 20 (twice as long as her sis) and that felt like forever.

I still haven’t noticed any particular pattern, other than just now, this everybody being asleep at once, is two-days in a row. I could get used to this. I like having an hour or two to myself to write and think out of my fingers.

I need to get back to my novel (and music practicing) too. I’m at about 7500 words –13 pages– and still feel the whole process is unreal. I wonder a lot if this subject can make it to 50,000 words, but since it’s mostly for recreation, I suppose I can just write until I’m out of story and then see where I am….