Housekeeping– beyond the basics

A woman came over yesterday and helped me clean for about 3 hours.

She did those “non-essentials” that just sit and build up (like sink-dishes) until you’re forced to face them (usually because there’s nothing left to cook in). They’re only non-esssentials because you don’t have to do them daily to function daily. They still have to be done to feel the house is clean.

I was *so* grateful. The only “drawback” was that I felt the need to be working while she worked, so I pushed myself harder/farther than I think I would have otherwise. I’m not feeling it too bad today, but my current quandary involves more of her generosity.

She offered to return on Wednesday to work further on the list of “catch-ups” we were working from. They are things I know I probably won’t get to myself for weeks (if not months), but I get tired just thinking about working another whole afternoon.

Not to mention (have you noticed that phrase really means the opposite) the girls were really bummed at the “boring” day. We never went out, couldn’t go visiting next-door, nothing. “We’re having a cleaning day,” I told them. “I know this doesn’t happen often, but it has to happen sometimes, because there’s things that need getting done.” They grumbled and griped, and generally displayed their reaction to a lack of sleep, but managed to survive.

So their reaction combined with my foot-dragging (not at the help, but at my own expectations of myself) will probably lead to letting the offer go. Though I don’t think Jay will appreciate that, seeing as he is left with the left-overs again…


I met a new mom in the duplex across the street a couple weekends ago. I think I’ll invite her on a walk to Creamer’s Field once nap is over. The girls will want out, and a walk would probably be good for all of us. For now I’ll see if I can eek out half-an-hour before they wake up. (*fingers crossed.*)