It’s done.

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The laptop is ordered, and will be on it’s way sometime next week.

Waiting ended up being a very good thing. New “coupons” come out every Thursday, so Jay wanted to wait and see what this week’s discount was (he didn’t feel they’d fall much lower than where they were the night we spec.ed everything out). This morning we looked, and the discount was back to what it had been the first night, so we prepped to order.

Only, I was reminded when we got to shipping that Dell will only ship next-day to AK, which is $80. And I couldn’t stand that, b/c the other options (ground, 2-day) come to AK now (ground didn’t used to, but has for some time now– something I only learned this month). Jay was ready to just pay it, b/c he was so impressed with the end cost, despite shipping, but I asked that he at least call and try for the free (“standard”) shipping. And it went through!

So we got a laptop at 40% off retail (which was a coupon offered later in the day– better than the original deal), $80 off shipping (for being the squeaky wheel) and another $50 rebate, to go from 3 to 4 years of warranty.

$20 for an extra year of total coverage. I’ll pay that.

A good chunk of the machine’s cost was warranty– We decided to go with the option called “CompleteCare,” b/c I am planning/expecting to use the
laptop in… non-traditional environments. Basically anywhere my kids are, so I can supervise them and still work on stuff.

I’d have a hard time explaining baby spit-up or spilled juice as justifiable for coverage under a basic warranty, but that’s what CompleteCare is for– basically anything except fire and hammer marks is covered. And with four years for something to happen in (we chose the computer to last for at least five– I’m hoping for longer), I’ll probably win that bet and end-up with a new/refurbished computer before it’s all used-up.

Pretty cool. My very-own computer.

I made Jay promise that he’d leave it alone. The last computer he built was supposedly for me/my business, and now he totally owns it in the evenings. It suits him better though, so especially with getting a new machine I think it balances out.