Pregnacy misc.

I’ve never been the thin type that carries all my pg-weight in the front (basketball-style), but I do carry mostly in the front, so Jay says I don’t automatically “read” pg from behind, and it can be a shocker when I turn around (“Woah!”). Dunno if that’s funny or insulting…[shrug]

I mentioned it in my “pregnancy buddy-group” (there’s a good dozen of us due the first half of May, we’ve been on-line together for months). This is one mom’s reply. Made me laugh.

“I vote funny, not insulting…hey, if someone said you looked pg from behind, now that might be insulting

One guess for why I grow out (rather than around) is b/c I’m short-waisted. There’s only so far up the little guy can stretch, so after a while “out” is all that’s left.

I do seem to be gaining less in this pg, though… At least, if I’m going to hit the 28 lbs I gain the last two times, I’ll have to gain 15-pounds in the next six weeks. That just sounds uncomfortable . Next time I go to the midwife I’m going to look at the pattern from the other pgs and see if I’m actually “behind” this time. The girls followed each other very closely– I was hardly a pound different (between them) at the same gestation.

I didn’t gain anything in the two weeks up-to my last appt, but the MW said it was probably b/c I was sick, and the baby kept growing anyway. I wonder if that means I was sick enough to lose weight and the baby made up the diff… Weird thought. I’ve never been that sick (that kind of sick?) before.

Projects for today:
-figuring-out some topic for H.S. Sunday School tomorrow
-finish transforming an essay into a speech for Monday night. (Yesterday’s “The Nightingale” is part of that. It’s about storytelling. Guess I already said that.)