Being sick

I’m still sick. It’s just too weird.

I’ve said before I have a short memory for the negative (if I don’t write about it I often forget it), so I might be wrong about this, but I can’t remember being sick this long. Like, ever.

I stared feeling just a little draggy last Wed night (more than a week ago). I didn’t think much of it until I kept feeling weird Thursday, then on Friday my voice was all wrong. I e-mailed Nate that I might not be available for music Sunday morning, though I really couldn’t imagine still being sick then, and here I just started singing again. Today at naptime.

I’ve been praying for several days now that my voice will be strong again by Saturday, b/c I have to give that presentation (and theoretically talk with a number of people before then). The presentation space is for 100 people (even though the organizer said she feels good if she gets 25 to a presentation).

And it was going to be in the main arena (partitioned off by curtains–imagine the ambient noise-level!) and there wasn’t going to be any kind of amplification. I was thankful to learn (after re-visiting the topic with the coordinator) that “there should be a cordless mike there first thing in the morning.”

That sort of language makes me nervous, but I really don’t have the energy right now to make an issue or play to cover all my bases.

At the Midwifes’ yesterday, I wondered aloud if I would know better how to deal with being sick if I were sick more often. Right now, even if it’s just for a day, the being sick has seemed as much of the problem as the symptoms of sick.

I guess I’m just as frequently thankful I don’t deal with this all the time. I know people who seem to always be sick– or at least their family-members are– and I’m always relieved when the sickness passes through my house without visiting (or staying with) me.